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Savneel Kumar, the new kid on the block in a crowded political space

Savneel Sangeet Kumar is the new kid on the block in the crowded political space.
At 31 and still an eligible bachelor, the Sigatoka man from Natadola Beach, epitomises the true Nadro spirit. He is unfazed by the political giants who dominate domestic politics and has announced that work has begun to set up a proposed new party, the proposed Fijian National Congress, to represent the youths of this country.

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Overwhelming Support For Fiji Hindi Over Hindi

A random survey of Indo-Fijians clearly shows that there is overwhelming support for Fiji Hindi over Hindi.
Several language experts also back Fiji Hindi.
In the debate over Fiji Hindi and Hindi, there is no contest. Fiji Hindi is the preferred conversational language. It has evolved since the arrival of the first Indian indentured labourers.

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2019 Walkathon Round Vitilevu (475km)

The Fiji Mountaineering and Climbing Association is the recognized National Sports Organization for mountaineering and sport climbing in Fiji. It is affiliated with the Fiji National Sports Commission and the International Federation for Sport Climbing based in Switzerland, the International Federation representing sporting climbing in the International Olympic Committee and at other international organizations.

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2018 Renok Peak Expedition (5200m), Sikkim Himalayas, India

The Certificate in Basic Mountaineering Programme (CBMC) & Renok Peak Expedition (5,200m) was conducted by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute based in Darjeeling, India.

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is one of world’s best institutes for mountaineering and sport climbing. It is situated at a peak of 2000 meters in the chilled mountain ranges of Darjeeling. The Institute is run by Ministry of Defence of the Government of India. Therefore, most of the officers and trainers at the institute come from a military or defence background.

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Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legalised In Fiji- Sangeet

A National Federation Party (NFP) provisional candidate believes that same-sex marriage should be legalised in Fiji.

But, the former schoolteacher maintained that this is his personal views and not of the party.

Savneel Sangeet said he respected human rights and anybody had the right to choose whom they wanted to marry.

“As such, I think same sex marriage should be allowed in Fiji,” Mr Sangeet said.