Climbing in 2021

Sport climbing is booming

In recent years, climbing has become a truly popular sport, mostly because of numerous climbing gyms: more and more athletes are attracted by vertical challenges, both indoor and outdoor, and the trend continues.

A large worldwide climbing community

  • 25 million people are climbing regularly
  • They are part of the 250 million outdoor enthusiasts
  • Popularity in largest cities (300+ indoor climbing walls in London / 350+ in Paris Ile-de-France)
  • Climbing gyms from 2007 to 2012 have increased by 50%.

A community with a unique profile

  • IFSC members come from both mountain/rural and urban areas
  • Climbers are young (39% under 18) but practice until 60 years or more
  • The share of female climbers is very high. Membership of the IFSC is 7% higher for females than other International Governing Bodies.
  • Sport Climbing will likely grow even faster with its inclusion as a full medal event at the Olympic Games!