Savneel Sangeet Resigns From NFP


A National Federation Party (NFP) provisional candidate Savneel Sangeet has resigned from the Party.

The 27-year-old school teacher, avid sports hiker and mountaineer and child’s rights advocate had withdrawn his candidacy and wrote to the Party Leader Biman Prasad of his resignation from the Party last Thursday. Mr Prasad accepted his resignation.

He stated the reason for his resignation was his work commitments, which needed more attention.

“My resignation from the party is due to my work commitments that suddenly came up and not because there were other matters. It was unplanned for me,” Mr Sangeet said.

Mr Sangeet was passionate about advocating for children’s rights and reducing child abuse and believed that same sex marriage should be legalised in Fiji.

He maintained that these were his personal views and not of the Party.

“There are still people who would not accept my advocacy of asking the Government and the private and public sector to legalise same sex marriage because I think people are still living in the olden days.”

Mr Sangeet said he will continue to support the Party in the 2018 General Elections and in the near future.

He said he respected human rights and anybody had the right to choose whom they wanted to marry.

He believes that harsher punishment must be implemented for people who abuse children.

Last year he walked around Viti Levu and Vanua Levu to help create awareness on these issues. He said he had joined the NFP because he believed there was a prospect for youths in the party.

“I am not undermining other parties, but I feel I have that connection with youths,” Mr Sangeet said.

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