Overwhelming Support For Fiji Hindi Over Hindi 

It is the conversational language for most Indo-Fijians. People who bring in religion to the debate are doing it for political reasons

By Nemani Delaibatiki | 12 Feb 2020 10:58| https://fijisun.com.fj/2020/02/12/overwhelming-support-for-fiji-hindi-over-hindi/

Fiji-Hindi and Hindi are two very different languages. Fiji-Hindi is inclusive of the socio-cultural diversities in Fiji. It is also inclusive of the heritage and culture of the Girmityas. Fiji-Hindi is similar to the Hindustani language that existed in Bharat – Undivided India. The Hindustani language was inclusive of the socio-cultural diversities in Bharat because it borrowed words from several other languages and dialects. Some native to Bharat while others brought from outside, like Arabic and Persian. A word is not merely word. It carries the strength of culture and tradition. The inclusive nature of Hindustani language made it the common tongue among vastly diverse Bharat. Then the British emerged in Bharat. Time witnessed the fall of Bharat to become India. The British Divide and Rule policy built a strong wall between Hindu and Muslim communities. The foundation of this wall was laid by tearing Hindustani into two new languages – Hindi and Urdu. Hindi for Hindus. Urdu for Muslims. This division contributed to several million Indians to form a new country – The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Every language is unique and beautiful

Every dialect and language is unique and beautiful in its own aspect. It is so-called that anyone language can be a pure or shudh language. The notion that Fiji-Hindi language is a tooti-footi dialect is inaccurate. To be able to see the beauty of language that Fiji-Hindi pursues, we need to speak, write, read, understand, recognise and appreciate Fiji-Hindi. There is need to conduct and promote studies and research on Fiji-Hindi, create and promote Fiji-Hindi literature, promote proper teaching and learning of Fiji-Hindi in schools and universities. Few own the view that Fiji-Hindi does not own a set of grammatical rules. Every language owns a set of grammatical rules. The grammatical rules of Fiji-Hindi were never compiled and published, which is the cause of this view. The Ramcharitmanas is a poetic compilation widely read by Hindus in Fiji. It was composed by Goswami Tulsidas in Awadhi language in the 16th century. Awadhi was considered a dialect until 12th century and only in around 14th century widely emerged as a literary language used by Sufi saints.

Inclusion of Fiji Hindi in schools

It is noticeable that schools run by Hindu Faith organizations have an agenda against inclusion of Fiji-Hindi in schools. The Government prescribed Hindi syllabi for schools in Fiji is organized to sell Hinduism among school students. It comprises specific lessons on Vedic and Hindu elements but it does not cover elements from books important to other Faith organizations in Fiji. It is not incorrect to promote the Vedic spirit because the term Veda means knowledge and it promotes the spirit of humanism: Manur Bhava (Rigved 10:53:6) meaning Become Human but depriving students from learning that Islam mean peace and Ikra means read will lead to a new breed of fanatics. A school should not become place to sell Faith under the pretext of culture and heritage. It is a place to create a knowledgeable and inclusive generation. The right place to sell Faith is at the Shops of Hypocrisy where the shopkeepers do all sorts of My God and Your God zumba to buy customers. Inclusivity is considered a risk for Faith organizations because it creates the possibility of conversion.

Are we diverting our education system towards religious fundamentalism? Let us be warned of the Industrial Revolution that cleansed Europe from the traps of priests.