Province Committees

Provincial Organisations

In each province, one entity may be recognised as the controlling body responsible for ensuring the efficient administration of Sport Climbing in that Province.

Provincial Organisations work in collaboration with Sport Climbing Fiji and all local partners (climbing facilities, government, media, sponsors…) to realise SCF objectives at a province level. Provincial organisation board members meet once a month. Their objectives are to:

  • Work on behalf of Sport Climbing Fiji at a province level
  • Communicate with members and local partners
  • Promote the SCF at a province level
  • Coordinate province events (regional events and official provincial competitions) – Support event organisers
  • Develop and support a Province Climbing Team

Provincial Organisations work in the development of:

  • Coaches’ conferences
  • Route Setters’ conferences
  • Training of officials for accreditation
  • Running training and instruction courses.