Walk Around NZ To Raise Funds

Ana Ravulo | October 12, 2017 1:16 am | https://www.fbcnews.com.fj/news/walk-around-nz-to-raise-funds/

Seven people will be walking around New Zealand’s North and South islands to raise money for children who come from disadvantaged families in Fiji.

One of the participants, Savneel Sangeet says the walk is also to raise awareness.

“The walk is to raise funds for, provide educational needs and related needs of children coming from financial disadvantaged families in Fiji and also raise awareness against child abuse and child neglect.”

Sangeet says they will also hold fundraising seminars and programs during the walk.

He is inviting business houses and other stakeholders to contribute to the walk.

The walk that will be held next year is expected to take ninety days.